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Four Winds Fuel Offers South Jersey's Most Convenient and Affordable Home Heating Oil Plans

• Automatic Delivery

Will Call Delivery

Seasonal Price Cap Plans

• Online Ordering and Payment

Automatic Delivery
Four Winds Fuel fills your tank on a regular schedule, thus eliminating the possibilty of running out of fuel.
Will Call Delivery
You call us when you are ready for a heating oil delivery. You may either fill your tank or purchase a specific amount of oil.
2017-18 Heating Season Cap Price Insurance Plans

Sign Up for 2017-18 Heating Season Plans has started and will end 10/1/17, and will re-open approximately May, 2018.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Option 1 -

Traditional Price Cap Plan - Cap Price $2.349 with Participation Fee of $99.99* payable at the time of sign up.

Option 2 -

Pre Buy Price Cap - Cap Price $2.349 with a Discounted Participation Fee of $49.99* Estimated Gallons at Cap Price with 3 payments to finish by 8/15/17 or a one time payment by 7/15/17

Option 3 -

Budget Price Cap Plan - Estimated Gallons at Cap Price, to be paid in 10 monthly installements. Paticipation fee of $99.99*

*EARLY SIGN UP SPECIAL = reduced fee until 6/30/17. After, fee will be $149.99 for Budgets and Traditional Cap. Pre Buy fee will be $99.99.


Delivering South Jersey Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel

Dyed Diesel Fuel for Off-Road Use

Clear Diesel Fuel for Commercial, On-Road Use

Please Call for Pricing and Availabilty

Delivery of ULSD for:
          - Farming

  Tractor or Irrigation Tanks
- Construction and Landscaping Companies
   Heavy Machinery - Bulldozers, Forklifts, Backhoes, etc.
- Generator Fuel for Emergencies
   Hospitals, Surgical Centers, Schools and Trucking Co.



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